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SoundLife is a one-stop hearing healthcare centre that focuses on the diagnostic and management of hearing disorder.
We offer a complete range of hearing products and solution for both adult and children. We strive to provide professional and personalised hearing services by our trained audiologists. Our goal is to promote hearing healthcare as the part of healthy lifestyle.

Our Hearing Center

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote hearing healthcare as part of healthy lifestyle , to raise hearing awareness to the public, to remove stigma of the society towards hearing impaired person and hearing aid and most importantly, to empower people who suffered from hearing loss live to the fullest with the latest state of art hearing aids or cochlear implant.

Our Drives

Many people didn’t know the value of good hearing until they lost it gradually. Hearing awareness in Malaysia is way too low as compared to the advance country. WHO states that for those people who are above 65 years old, it’s 40% likely they are having certain degree of hearing loss.

Without the yearly hearing screening done, most elderly who are in their 70’s, 80’s or 90’s who came to the clinic, denied themselves of having any hearing loss at the first stage, are diagnosed with various severity of hearing loss after audiologist’s hearing evaluation. Often, people will associate having hearing loss as a sign of aging and they chose to live with it without seeking any professional audiologist help. And all these is because people don’t aware the impact of hearing loss. Hearing loss doesn’t only cause the lack of sound awareness to the surroundings, communication difficulties, but it can also indirectly cause mental problem such as dementia and Alzheimer disorder. Moreover, as the hearing loss get worse gradually, it takes longer time for a person to retrain their brain to readapt to the world of sounds.

Our Team

Alleya Cheng

Founder of SoundLife

Alleya Cheng is our founder and also senior audiologist in PJ and Klang. She obtained her Bachelor of Audiology (Honours.) from UKM Malaysia in 2011. She had 7 years working experience as an Audiologist across different sub-industry for this field. She used to worked with Siemens hearing aid manufacturer as product audiologist, Medel Cochlear Implant company, Manipal Hospital as clinical audiologist which gave her vast experience to handle different hearing and tinnitus cases whom her patient are ranging from newborn to elderly.

She is passionate in conducting hearing awareness to public because 'Sound is Life'. She is also an advocate for 'Golden hearing aid fitting' by applying Real Ear Measurements (REM) using specific equipment to all Hearing Aid Fitting case she handled because fitting hearing aid RIGHT using the right tool provides higher satisfaction to the hearing aid user.

Wan Nur Solihah binti W Ramli

Audiologist (Klang)

Ms. Solihah graduated in Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) in Audiology from Universiti Sains Malaysia. She practiced audiology at another hearing aids center prior joining Soundlife.

Her interest is to educate and raise awareness regarding hearing health care among publics especially toward younger generations. She is dedicated and committed to offering the best hearing care services possible.

Nurul Atiqah Binti Mohd Zaki

Audiologist (Petaling Jaya)

Ms. Atiqah graduated in Bachelor Audiology (Hons) in International Islamic University Malaysia. She is preoccupied with more than 2 years experience in the hearing aid industry.

She is a client-oriented audiologist where her aim is to give the best services entail with individual needs.

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