Are Hearing Aids Expensive?
Get Your Little One For Baby's Hearing Screening
Get Your Little One For Baby’s Hearing Screening
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Are Hearing Aids Expensive?

Hearing Aids can cost up to thousands of Ringgit per piece. People that are suffering from hearing loss on both ears required to wear hearing aids on both ears so they can enjoy binaural hearing benefits. Nonetheless, for those who have financially difficulties, getting one hearing aid is better than having no aid at all. The price is high because of the relief and its convenience that hearing aids can provide. When it comes to its features, you'll understand why it is costly.

Having hearing issue is troublesome and it can affect your personal communication with the people around you. Hearing aids help to improve hearing and speech comprehension of people that are suffering from hearing loss. This wonderful technology magnifies sound vibrations entering the ear so they can hear better and clearer.

While the prices are high, it's crucial for you to know that you are paying so much more than just the hearing devices themselves. The main reasons of high price tag is the technology and features included. The current technology and features available in hearing aids are far more superior than those devices 3 years ago. Unlike consumer electronic devices, hearing aids technologies are custom built. They are customized to ensure they met your specific hearing problems and meet your desired comforts. They are also made to last long so they will keep its performance for many years.

A big part of the cost of hearing aids is contributed back to the audiological  and the hearing aids research. This is why we have the luxury to get the most cutting edge equipment. The devices available in the market today are equipped with bluetooth connection, making them smarter, safer and more enjoyable to wear.

Are Hearing Aids Always This Expensive?

No, not really. Not all hearing aids have high price tag. Basic hearing aids can be built for a low cost. However, a basic hearing aid may require more after sales service session (particularly hearing aid fine tuning by audiologist) due to the limiting features they offered. Always remember that any piece of medical equipment that is going to modify your daily living will involve a multi-step purchase and maintenance process such as buying hearing aids batteries and other accessory.

Before you can a pair of hearing aids, do consult a professional audiologist for more information.

Reasons To Visit SoundLife Hearing? SoundLife Hearing

You need to take a diagnostic hearing test before you purchase a pair of hearing aids. When it comes to hearing loss, you need to find out the cause and its root problems. Avoiding professional treatment could keep you in the dark about the severity of your hearing loss and its implications for your future health.

Soundlife Hearing is a multi-brand hearing aid provider. As an independent office, we are not tied to one product line or manufacturer. There are many different hearing aid manufacturers to choose from; we will work with you to find the product that will best meet your needs and budget.

We are official hearing aid dealer for Phonak, Oticon & Rexton brands. Besides, we also unofficial partner for Siemens/Signia, Unitron, Resound, Cochlear and Medel brand.

We provide hearing devices ranging from RM2,300 on basic devices to RM16,000 on premium devices. However, to get a more accurate price, it is necessary to learn more about your hearing loss and your individual needs. Their prices depend on the specifications and features.

Hearing is one of our most important senses. We would like to suggest you to make an appointment with us now to begin treating your hearing loss. SoundLife Hearing also offer a wide range of hearing aids that suit your hearing needs and cost. Come to us and have:

  • Free Ear and Hearing screening
  • Professional diagnostic hearing test
  • Tinnitus Counseling and treatment options
  • Flexible hearing aids home trial
  • Hearing aid fitting and programming
  • Hearing aid batteries and accessories
  • Hearing aid adjustments and repairs
  • And many more

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