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what's the difference between an audiologist, ent and hearing care consultant

What’s the Difference Between an Audiologist, ENT and Hearing Care Consultant?

In Malaysia, not every hearing aid is prescribed by an audiologist. Some hearing aid providers are run by hearing care consultants or Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) […]
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PROMOTION on Hearing Aids Battery!

PROMOTION on Hearing Aids Battery! Using hearing aids can be more affordable and cheaper now. Enjoy 25% OFF on 1 box of Hearing Aid Battery (pack […]
which is better battery operated vs rechargeable hearing aid

Which is Better: Battery Operated VS Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The History of Hearing Aid The hearing aids that we have seen today are so much smaller, trendier, more colourful and definitely, more effective than it […]
better hearing speech month

Better Hearing Speech Month

Soundlife Hearing would like to join ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association) to celebrate this month of May 2021 as the Better Speech and Hearing Month […]
200521 hearingloss

Interview from CCN精彩大马

sl hari raya promo 2 01

Hari Raya Promotion

🌙 Make This Hari Raya More Meaningful. Celebrate Better Hearing With Brand New Hearing Aid! ⭐ 📢 Enjoy DISCOUNT up to 60% OFF on selected 2nd […]
soundlife xue hai interview

Interview from《学海周刊》

Our Founder, Ms Alleya Cheng had received an interview from the Chinese student magazine, 《学海周刊》 on the topic of “耳朵在求救,你听见了吗?” Feel free to read this article if […]
can hearing aids prevent further hearing loss (sub point how often do you wear your hearing aids

Can Hearing Aids Prevent Further Hearing Loss?

Can Hearing Loss Be Prevented by Wearing Hearing Aids One of the dilemmas many people have when using hearing aids is that if they start wearing […]
sl parent day promo 3 01

Hearing Aids Discount Promotion Up to 60%

Help Your Parents to Regain Their Hearing They brought us up, provided and sheltered us. Now it’s time to support them back. On this Parents’ Day, […]