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better hearing speech month

Soundlife Hearing would like to join ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association) to celebrate this month of May 2021 as the Better Speech and Hearing Month (BSHM). Each May, Better Hearing & Speech Month provides an opportunity to raise awareness about speech, hearing and communication disorders.


For 2021, our theme is “Building Connections.”

Around five percent of the world’s population experience hearing loss. While five percent of the population is also thought to have experienced problems with speech. With communication issues being so important to our lives, Better Speech and Hearing Month sets out to raise awareness of these issues surrounding communication problems such as the inability to hear properly or to speak effectively.

History of Better Speech and Hearing Month

Better Speech and Hearing Month was founded in 1927 by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.” The aim of BSHM is to raise awareness around both speech and hearing problems while encouraging people to take a look at their own speech and hearing and to make a change if there is a problem. “For over nine decades, this month has been held, making people think about their hearing and speech.”


Having Hearing Loss? Act Now!


Hearing loss is not insignificant. Matterfact, your quality of life will be more constrained if no action is taken. You can get these health problems if hearing loss is not being treated:

  1. social isolation  
  2. depression  
  3. anxiety  
  4. falls and other injuries  
  5. cognitive decline and dementia


Support Your Loved Ones in Tough Time

With May as Better Hearing Month, this is an important time to continue to highlight our essential role in communication and hearing health care. With this in mind, we can cultivate new actions in helping our family members to cope with hearing loss. Below are some of the communication supporting tips you can use:

Encourage your loved one to get help. Spouses, adult children, and other family members generally  provide the strongest influence when it comes to a person’s decision to seek treatment. 


  • Be understanding. When people are diagnosed with hearing loss, they may experience a range of  emotions, from denial to anger to sadness. Support from loved ones is critical.
  • Be present. Attend audiology appointments with your loved one, if you can (in person or virtually). Ask questions and take notes while there. Help them research insurance coverage and hearing aid options.  



How to celebrate BHSM with Soundlife

In conjunction with the Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM), Soundlife Hearing would like to build more connections and to raise awareness about hearing and communication disorders.

  • Public Outreach

Reach out to the media. Soundlife team will share relevant articles, videos and a variety of information on our social media platforms regularly on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel regarding hearing loss, the importance of hearing rehabilitation, early identification and intervention of communication disorders. Please visit our platforms for wholesome information throughout this month and public should feel free to share the posts and materials on our page and remember to use the hashtag #bhsm2021 #soundlifehearing.

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  • Educate your Public with Soundlife YouTube Videos

The Soundlife team would also love to share their own productions videos with some of our clients talking about their hearing rehabilitation journey with Soundlife Hearing. By sharing these testimonials from our own clients, we think that we are able to educate and create more awareness for people to take their first step and come forward to get their hearing tested.

We would also like to share videos to show the public about our services in Soundlife, and as professionals, how we are dealing with the hearing impaired population. If any of the signs or symptoms of hearing loss are present, then a person should visit an Audiologist for a hearing test. In many cases, hearing problems are treatable. Feel free to subscribe to our videos channel as below. 

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  • Arrange a speaking engagement : Facebook LIVE Talks 

The Founder and Chief Audiologist of Soundlife Hearing, Ms. Alleya Cheng will be speaking via Facebook Live with an ENT specialist and Speech Language Pathologist on communication disorders. The topics mainly focus on the cause of hearing loss, how the hearing impaired population’s daily life is affected due to hearing loss and the importance of early identification and intervention of speech delay and hearing impairment as communication is important to our lives.


Take an Action With SoundLife Hearing Today

Hearing loss requires more effort and energy to hear and communicate. People with hearing loss can become stressed and tired if their condition is left untreated. In addition, feelings of embarrassment and shame can occur and can affect a person’s self-esteem. Let’s have them treated so they can have a better quality of life. Treating hearing loss can bring so much more benefits both in physical and mental well being. 

Early diagnosis can have a big impact on one’s life. Getting ahead of the slow decline through early intervention could prevent long term cognitive problems later on. If you know anyone suffering from hearing loss, seek a diagnosis immediately. To view our hearing aid range or to have a hearing test, contact us for an appointment today.

    better hearing speech month

    better hearing speech month

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