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can hearing aids prevent further hearing loss (sub point how often do you wear your hearing aids

Can Hearing Aids Prevent Further Hearing Loss?

Can Hearing Loss Be Prevented by Wearing Hearing Aids One of the dilemmas many people have when using hearing aids is that if they start wearing […]
how to support someone with hearing loss

How to Support Someone With Hearing Disability

Understanding Hearing Loss and Hearing Disability  Hearing loss and hearing disability may sound the same. However, hearing loss happens gradually and hearing loss itself is not […]
Soundlife Blog Soundlife Hearing Guides To Active Listening For Hearing Aid Users

SoundLife Hearing Guides to Active Listening For Hearing Aid Users

What is Active Listening? Hearing and listening are active senses. Hearing happens all the time and constantly receives sound vibrations and waves through our ears. Whereas, […]
Get To Know More About Sudden Hearing Loss 01

Get to Know More About Sudden Hearing Loss

What is Sudden Hearing Loss? Imagine waking up in the morning and finding out that one of your ears couldn’t hear well. Now you’ll be wondering […]
Soundlife Blogpost Online Hearing Test Soundlife Hearing

Online Hearing Test – SoundLife Hearing

Online Hearing Test to Evaluate Hearing Loss Having an assessment of your hearing capability has never been easier with SoundLife Hearing online hearing test. It was […]
Soundlife Blogspot Stay Home & Connected With Bluetooth Hearing Aid Soundlife Hearing

Stay Home & Connected with Bluetooth Hearing Aid – SoundLife Hearing

Stay Connected With Bluetooth Hearing Aid  While we are adapting to new norms such as social distancing, we discovered that living in an isolation is not […]
How To Read An Audiogram Open Graph

How to Read an Audiogram

What is an Audiogram? After a complete evaluation by an audiologist, he or she will present sounds in a sound-proof room and will record the reaction […]
Soundlife Blog Get To Know World Hearing Day

Get to Know World Hearing Day

What is World Hearing Day? World Hearing Day was created by the World Health Organization (WHO) has its vision. Their vision is to raise awareness on […]
The Value of Real Ear Measurement

The Value of Real Ear Measurement

Is Your Hearing Aid Working On Its Potential? The main goal of wearing a hearing aid is to restore your hearing ability. Truth to be told, […]