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Celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month May 2022

Do you know that every May we celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) since 1927? The reason for this celebration is to provide an opportunity […]

Tinnitus Awareness Week 2022

Tinnitus Awareness Week Tinnitus Awareness Week is taking place from 7-13 February. The purpose of this is to educate the public about the symptoms of tinnitus […]

SoundLife Hearing Celebrating Balance Awareness Week

What is Balance Awareness Week? Balance Awareness Week is a journey initiated by the Vestibular Disorders Association. The aim is to highlight just how much of […]

What’s the Difference Between an Audiologist, ENT and Hearing Care Consultant?

In Malaysia, not every hearing aid is prescribed by an audiologist. Some hearing aid providers are run by hearing care consultants or Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) […]

Which is Better: Battery Operated VS Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The History of Hearing Aid The hearing aids that we have seen today are so much smaller, trendier, more colourful and definitely, more effective than it […]

Better Hearing Speech Month

Soundlife Hearing would like to join ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association) to celebrate this month of May 2021 as the Better Speech and Hearing Month […]

Can Hearing Aids Prevent Further Hearing Loss?

Can Hearing Loss Be Prevented by Wearing Hearing Aids One of the dilemmas many people have when using hearing aids is that if they start wearing […]

How to Support Someone With Hearing Disability

Understanding Hearing Loss and Hearing Disability  Hearing loss and hearing disability may sound the same. However, hearing loss happens gradually and hearing loss itself is not […]

SoundLife Hearing Guides to Active Listening For Hearing Aid Users

What is Active Listening? Hearing and listening are active senses. Hearing happens all the time and constantly receives sound vibrations and waves through our ears. Whereas, […]
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