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What Is Tinnitus & How It Happened?

What Is Tinnitus & How It Happened?

You Aren’t Alone In This. So What Is Tinnitus? Some researches showed that about 40% of us will experience or live with tinnitus and it’s surprisingly […]
Blog-Entry-12-Hearing Health and The Impact of Hearing Loss

Hearing Health and The Impact of Hearing Loss

What You Need To Know About Hearing Loss in Malaysia in 2016, The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated that 43.5% adults above 65 in Asia-Pacific suffered […]

Types Of Hearing Loss

What Is Hearing Loss? Do you know that hearing loss is more common than most people realize and it can affect anyone of us at any […]

How To Take Care Of Your Hearing Aids?

Hearing Aids Daily Care Having a pair of hearing aids do make a difference to those who are suffering from hearing loss. They are used to […]

How To Select A Suitable Hearing Aids For Yourself?

Get Hearing Aids At SoundLife Hearing If you have hearing loss issues, chances are high that you will benefit from hearing aids. SoundLife Hearing is renowned […]

Protecting Your Hearing

Hearing Health – Prevent Hearing Loss We have to admit, there is way lesser information out there to protect your hearing health. We were told to […]

Are Hearing Aids Expensive?

Are Hearing Aids Expensive? Hearing Aids can cost up to thousands of Ringgit per piece. People that are suffering from hearing loss on both ears required […]
Get Your Little One For Baby's Hearing Screening

Get Your Little One For Baby’s Hearing Screening

It Is Important To Have Your Baby Undergo Hearing Screening Almost all children can hear and listen to sounds at birth. From this, they learn how […]

What is Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)?

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss also known as NIHL We are being bombarded by loud noises everyday. While we are being exposed to the environment filled with sounds […]