Hearing Aids Discount Promotion Up to 60%
how to support someone with hearing loss
How to Support Someone With Hearing Disability
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Can Hearing Aids Prevent Further Hearing Loss?
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Help Your Parents to Regain Their Hearing

They brought us up, provided and sheltered us. Now it’s time to support them back. On this Parents’ Day, SoundLife Hearing is giving out DISCOUNT up to 60% for the 2nd hearing aid unit as an encouragement to all senior citizens to have a better hearing.

The elderly population in Malaysia was expected to reach 3.8 million by 2020 and they constitute 11.3% of the total population. 16% out of this population will suffer from hearing loss. A study showed that there is an increasing disability rate with advancing age, especially on hearing problems.

Many elderly parents refuse to receive direct help from their children and family members even when we offer them a straightforward solution such as having a hearing test. There are several reasons why our parents or even our own colleagues and friends don’t realize that their hearing is declining as they reach 65 or beyond. It can be the common excuse in denial of aging or maybe even pride that they do not want to “look” old by using hearing aids while letting the impact of hearing loss affect their lives. 

Hence, this is the time to give your parents their hearing back and enjoy this special discount from us at SoundLife. We have limited stocks on the top hearing aid brands such as Oticon, Phonak , Rexton, Resound & Signia on massive discount! Don’t miss this and visit our centre and contact us for more information.

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