Hearing Health and The Impact of Hearing Loss

Blog-Entry-12-Hearing Health and The Impact of Hearing Loss

What You Need To Know About Hearing Loss in Malaysia

in 2016, The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated that 43.5% adults above 65 in Asia-Pacific suffered from hearing loss. 30% of 3.8 million senior citizens have some degree of hearing loss right here in Malaysia. You may have a perception that hearing loss is synonym with aging but even children and you are exposed to the danger that can cause premature hearing loss.

Nonetheless, some children are born with hearing problems too. More than 50% of these newborn have hearing problems due to their genetics. The bad conditions during pregnancy and prenatal care can contribute to this issue too. Head injuries, very loud noises, and certain medications can also cause hearing loss. It may not be easy to spot early hearing loss in toddlers or younger children, this is why you need to get your children tested. If not detected early, a hearing loss can change the way children speak, learn and interact with others.

We need our hearing for language development and listening is the key of learning. Experts believe that language and speech development is built during the early months and years of life. Early diagnosis will ensure these children to have proper treatment. Thus, improving their learning ability without steep challenges.


Impact Caused By Hearing Loss

Many people with hearing loss experience a drop in self-esteem and confidence because of their impaired ability to communicate with other people. In some studies, untreated hearing loss in adults lead to depression, fatigue, social withdrawal and impaired memory. While hearing loss affects our ability to hear, it can also lead to changes in the brain.

Our brain will go through adaptation or also known as reorganization when our senses are altered. The detrimental effect on hearing can speed up gray matter atrophy in auditory areas of the brain.  Let’s take this as an example, a person with hearing loss has challenges in understanding speech and words. His brain will have to overcompensate for the weakened brain functions. Higher-level thinking will be forfeited for speech understanding. This can lead to the possible acceleration of dementia.


Hearing Aids Can Help

With this information, the solution could be as simple as early hearing test for the adults. Getting ahead of the slow decline through early intervention could prevent long term cognitive problems later on.

Hearing aid allows people to regain proper hearing ability. By stimulating the hearing centers in the brain, its higher functions can continue their intended purposes without having to compensate for the weakened senses. Because the hearing loss is corrected early, there is no need for the brain to rewire itself to boost other senses.

Hearing loss affects more than just your life, it also alters your brain. If you think you might be losing your hearing, seek a diagnosis. To view our hearing aid range or to have a hearing test, visit our website today.