The Most Comprehensive Hearing Test


1. Detailed Case History Taking

2. Ear check using Video-otoscope

3. Diagnostic Pure Tone Audiometry Hearing Test (hospital standard, including bone conduction testing and masking)

4. Uncomfortable Loudness Measurement

5. Hearing Consultation by Audiologist

6. Hearing Test Report

Package Duration: 1 hour

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by Qualified Audiologist

WHY Need To Do Hearing Test?

Strained relationships: If you suffer from hearing loss, you may think everyone else mumbles, but your spouse probably feels you talk too loud or “selectively listen.”

Untreated Hearing Loss is known to contribute higher risk of developing Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Depression and Social Isolation.

Struggling at Work: If you have hearing loss, it can create issues in the workplace because you may not be able to hear requests from your boss or client.

SoundLife is a one-stop hearing healthcare centre that focuses on the diagnostic and management of hearing disorder. We offer a complete range of hearing products and solution for both adult and children. We strive to provide professional and personalised hearing services by our trained audiologists. Our goal is to promote hearing healthcare as the part of healthy lifestyle.


Founder of SoundLife Hearing/ Audiologist

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Listen to What Our Client Say


76 years old

Has a very experienced and qualified audiologist/owner running this establishment. I have personally consulted and was tested by her twice before and she has demonstrated a very high degree of professionalism and knowledge of hearing problems. The shop offers a good range of hearing aids and related products.

Brought my boy for the hearing test at Soundlife Hearing. Thank you for the excellent service by the young audiologist Alleya. She is very patient and I strongly recommend her!

32 years old

Amber Tan

15 min

Ear Check & Case History Taking

Diagnostic Hearing Test

20 min

Hearing Consultation by Audiologist

20 min

Hearing Test


5 min

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SoundLife - Your Hearing Expert

We are a leading hearing healthcare company in Malaysia that offers hearing solutions using a comprehensive range of hearing diagnostic evaluations and hearing aids.

Your Hearing is part of our concern!

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