How To Take Care Of Your Hearing Aids?

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Hearing Aids Daily Care

Having a pair of hearing aids do make a difference to those who are suffering from hearing loss. They are used to with the ability to hear. You have invested in a pair of hearing aids and now you’re enjoying life with better hearing quality.

If your hearing aids happened to be malfunction, then you might experience hearing difficulties in a few days or even weeks while you wait for them to be repaired. This can be prevented to and here we are giving you some care and tips to make sure your hearing devices work their best for many years to come.

Simple Steps To Take Care Of Your Hearing Aids By SoundLife Hearing

  1. Conserve Battery Life – Always remember to turn off your hearing aid before you go to bed. This will prevent unnecessary battery drain when you’re not wearing them.
  2. Keep Them Away From The Heat – Do not place them in your glove compartment on hot days, in direct sunlight or any source of heat in the house. Never use hair dryer while wearing it.
  3. Keep The Battery Dry – If there is moisture building up inside your hearing aids during the day, you may need a silica based drying agent to dry them off during bed time.
  4. Clean It Often – Use soft dry cloth to clean them from dirt and other impurities. Do not use hair dryer to dry them. Earwax is one of the leading causes of decreased performance in hearing aids. After each day of wearing it, do check the tubing of earmold (for BTE) or wax guard (for RIC or Custom Hearing Aids) and use cleaning brush if necessary to gently remove earwax.
  5. Change The Batteries – The batteries can cause damage to your devices if left in for a long time. The trapped moisture will eventually cause the battery to corrode thus, damaging the devices. Open the battery door when you are not using them. You are advised to temporary remove the batteries when you are not using the.
  6. Avoid knocks and drops – While hearing aids are resilient and the small components in it are tough, no electronics are invincible. Always handle them with a soft surface underneath, especially when you are cleaning it. When you are not wearing your hearing aids, keep them safely in their case or in a dryer.
  7. Cautions On The Beach – Sure vacation by the sea is fun but do beware. Exposure to salt water, sand and sun lotion cream can do damages. Salt crystals inside hearing aids, blockage by the sand and the lotions can damage the plastic device body. Handle it with care!

Visit us at SoundLife Hearing. You should have your hearing checked on a regular basis. Our audiologist can check your hearing aid and fix any problems.

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