Identify Children Hearing Loss
What is Audiology and Who is Audiologist?
What is Audiology and Who is Audiologist?
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Identify Children Hearing Loss

Why We Must Prevent Children Hearing Loss?

In the first few years of a child’s life, hearing is an important area where it plays a critical role in kids emotional, cognitive and social development. This is why even a mild or partial hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to develop proper speech and language skill. The good news is, the impact children hearing loss can be overcome if they are defected early. The ideal time is by the time a baby is 3 months old.

Importance Of Children Hearing Test.

Having a hearing test (Newborn Hearing Screening) to be carried out soon after birth can help identify most babies with significant hearing loss.. There’s a chance that a hearing issue could go on undetected for months or even years. We recommend parents must have a routine hearing tests for their children after the newborn hearing screening. The ideal time for subsequent screenings shall be done when the child enters preschool and primary school. These tests help children to pick up any issues that have been missed or if they’re slowly getting worse. Reason behind is some hearing loss is developed or acquired after birth.

Children hearing test is important and by identifying hearing problems as early as possible can help to remove stunted in a child’s life. Early hearing loss can be compensated with effective treatment if any problems or issues are detected and managed accordingly by audiologist. Early diagnosis can assist you and your child to have tailored special hearing aids that they may need.

Causes Of Children Hearing Loss

Do you know that children hearing loss is quite a common birth defect? It is affecting about 3 to 5 out of every 1,000 babies. There are many reasons that can lead to children hearing loss and there’s about half the time, no cause is found.

While genetic factors can cause congenital hearing loss, it can also can be caused by other things such as infection during pregnancy, injury at birth, premature birth and other health conditions. Bacterial infections like meningitis or measles, exposure of loud noises or ear infection can cause acquired hearing loss.​​​​​​​

Symptoms of Children Hearing Loss

It is not easy to identify possible hearing loss in children but we have a few guidelines to help parents detect a possible acquired hearing loss in children:
– They can hear some of the time and then not respond at other times especially without visual cues.

– They say “What?” or “Ah?” more often.

– They preferred louder TV and radio volume than any other members of the family or they preferred to sit closer to the TV at the normal volume

– They do not respond well to teacher and classmates in school.

– They cannot differentiate or localize the source of sound direction correctly.

– They complaint the ear is itchy or pain.

– They always appeared as not paying attention at class and typically learn things slower than other peers.

– They may have slower speech development and not able to express well with speech.

– Their speech may have pronunciation / articulation error.

– They have poor academic performance.

If your child is suffering from hearing related issues, contact SoundLife Hearing today for a consultation.