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ReSound OMNIA - Made for hearing in noise

ReSound OMNIA offers a unique beamforming technology in the hearing aid industry, designed to enhance hearing in noisy environments without causing a sense of isolation. It is the only hearing solution that combines narrow beamforming directionality for improved hearing in noise with omni-directional listening. This innovative approach results in a remarkable 150% improvement in speech understanding in noisy conditions.

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Exceptional Speech Understanding in Noise

ReSound OMNIA™ is designed for optimal hearing in noisy environments. By incorporating Front Focus and 360 All-Around technologies, it helps hearing aid users significantly improve their ability to hear through noise, achieving a 150% improvement in speech understanding.

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Made for a Natural Self-voice Experience

One feature of ReSound OMNIA™ is its ability to preserve the natural sound of a user’s own voice. This allows you to join conversations and talk without your voice sounding loud or artificial to themselves, with no additional features required.

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Wearing Comfort

You can forget you are wearing hearing aids, whichever style you choose. Available in beautiful color options to match your personal style.

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Streaming without Interruptions

Experience seamless connectivity and top-notch performance with the advanced antenna system. Stream calls, music, and more with confidence, enjoying a superior sound experience every time.

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All day Power & Weatherproof

Experience hearing confidence and worry-free usage every day with the all-day battery power on a single charge.* The all-weatherproof designs, rated IP68, feature nanocoating on ALL components, ensuring durability and reliability for both indoor and outdoor use.

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