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Rexton was built on the foundation that exceptional hearing technology should be accessible to all. Our products offer superior speech understanding, durability, and personalization to deliver unprecedented wearing comfort. Our tenured, passionate people are empowered to provide solution-driven service to meet each individual’s needs. That is why Rexton is the smart choice.

Direct Streaming

Feature: Connects MyCore hearing aids to iPhone. With Smart Transmitter 2.4, MyCore devices connect directly to TV and any other Bluetooth® devices.

My Voice

Feature: Identifies each user’s own voice and specifically processes it to distinguish it from other speakers as well as environmental sounds.

Voice Ranger

Feature: Maintains the natural loudness of the target speaker compared to competing voices in the environment.

Stereo iLock

Feature: A technology that allows for very narrow directional listening beam focusing on the front.

Intelligent Feedback Preventer

Feature: Identifies feedback at a high speed.


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