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Our latest rechargeable innovations combine leading audiological performance with a design and ease-of-use that appeals to your potential clients because they already enjoy it with their consumer products. These 21st century sound solutions empower more of your clients than ever before to Be Brilliant.


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Enhanced speech in background noise

Signia Xperience will make your conversation partners and the preference environmental sound – the restaurant’s live background music sound crystal clear and in perfect harmony.

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Automatic Situation Detection

Signia Xperience delivers superior sound processing driven by our unique acoustic-motion sensors. It measures more aspects of sound than ever before – and, for the first time, how the wearer’s movement affects his or her hearing in every situation.

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AI digital assistant

Available for both iOS and Android smartphones. Using artificial intelligence, the Signia Assistant learns your preferences to give you the most personalized hearing experience possible and to support you in challenging situations.

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Mask mode

Thanks to the Mask Mode in the Signia app, Signia Xperience hearing aid wearers have a bespoke solution to the problem of understanding people who wear a face mask. It will be available for the entire duration of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Bluetooth connectivity

This is the ideal solution if you would like to stream phone calls, music, audiobooks and more, directly into your hearing aids from any device with a Bluetooth connection, including via voice commands.


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