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Empowering people to hear what matters

Our latest rechargeable innovations combine leading audiological performance with a design and ease-of-use that appeals to your potential clients because they already enjoy it with their consumer products. These 21st century sound solutions empower more of your clients than ever before to Be Brilliant.


Acoustic Sensors & Motion Sensor

Detects more variables of sound than ever before in your surroundings, including your motion status! In turn, you can enjoy natural sound and speech in every situation from any direction, even when moving.

Own Voice Processing (OVP)

Utilizes real-time recognition of your own voice to deliver a natural own-voice impression, less echoing and hollow.

Binaural Directionality

An unrivalled technology helps you to have better than normal hearing performance in challenging noisy environments; activated automatically or manually via Signia App.

Bluetooth Direct Streaming

Your Xperience devices have full connectivity with all Bluetooth devices with and without accessories. You can enjoy phone calls, TV, music and more, directly from your devices.


Signia offers the world’s first hearing aid charger with Qi technology and a pocket-sized portable charging case acts as a power bank. Your Xperience devices can be used for up to 23 hours from a single full charge.


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