Oticon Opn Play 1 BTE hearing aid (Child)
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Oticon Opn Play 1 BTE hearing aid (Child)


Oticon Opn Play unleashes the full potential of the open sound paradigm for children to hear sounds, providing better conditions to meet developmental needs and the day-to-day challenges of growing up. Children’s brains are like sponges as they are continually soaking up information and being able to make sense of sound is crucial for children to learn from the world around them.

Enjoy 360° access to speech – Oticon Opn Play allows children to receive prescribed gain without the risk of feedback, taking speech understanding to an even higher level. It supports incidental learning by allowing access to multiple speakers and also in complex listening environments.

How does the OpenSound Navigator work?
1. Analyse (scans 360° sound environment more than 100 times/second to identify noise and separate it from speech)
2. Balance (rapidly reduces loud noise while preserving speech)
3. Noise removal (attenuates remaining diffuse noise, even between individual words)

Easily monitor your child’s hearing aids – With Oticon ON App, it makes it easier for older children and parents to monitor and control the hearing aids from a smartphone. It can also check the battery status and adjust program and volume. It also includes a convenient ”find my hearing aid“ feature if your child misplaces their devices.

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Hearing Aid Opn Play 1 (Child) Opn Play 2 (Child)
Technology Level Premium Standard
Channels 64 48
Fitting bands 16 12
Speech clarity/understanding 10/10 5/10
Transient noise reduction 4 levels On/Off
Max noise removal High 9dB Low 3dB
Listening comfort 10/10 5/10
Localisation of sounds 10/10 5/10
Frequency lowering Yes Yes
Listening Programs 4 4
Battery lifespan Battery (up to 105 hours) Battery (up to 105 hours)
Tinnitus Sound Support None None
Water-Resistant Yes (IP 68) Yes (IP 68)
Hearing loss level Mild-to-severe hearing loss Mild-to-severe hearing loss
Phone streaming Iphone only Iphone only
Phone Remote App iOS & Android
(OticonOn App)
iOS & Android
(OticonOn App)
Warranty (Years) 2 2
Platform/Launched Year Velox S 2019 Velox S 2019

Pair your Oticon hearing aids with your smartphone, ConnectClip, or another wireless accessory.



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