Oticon Ria2 miniRITE hearing aid
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Oticon Ria2 BTE hearing aid
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Oticon Ria2 Pro BTE hearing aid
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Oticon Ria2 miniRITE hearing aid


Oticon Ria2 is is a basic hearing aid that incorporates Oticon’s Inium Sense processing chip which has 30% more processing power than their previous Inium platform. Otiocn Ria2 audiology provides its users with essential listening performance and can be adjusted to the individual’s listening preferences. It also has dedicated programs to support difficult listening situations.

Some of the family features available:

Wireless Binaural Synchronisation –Directionality and noise management of both devices work together to produce a more balanced sound experience.

Free Focus Directionality  –Automatically calculates the best directional mode as the noises around you change and helps you move smoothly from one conversation to another.

Inium Sense Feedback Shield–Prevents and stops whisting and howling noises that can occur with hearing devices.


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Hearing Aid Ria2 Pro miniRITE Ria2 miniRITE
Technology Level Basic Basic
Channels 16 16
Fitting bands 6 4
Speech clarity/understanding 3/10 2.5/10
Transient noise reduction NIL NIL
Max noise removal NIL NIL
Listening comfort 3/10 2.5/10
Localisation of sounds 3/10 2.5/10
Frequency lowering No No
Listening Programs 4 4
Battery lifespan Battery (up to 150 hours) Battery (up to 150 hours)
Tinnitus Sound Support None None
Water-Resistant Yes (IP 58) Yes (IP 58)
Hearing loss level Mild-to-severe hearing loss Mild-to-severe hearing loss
Phone streaming No No
Phone Remote App No No
Warranty (Years) 2 2
Platform/Launched Year Inium Sense 2015 Inium Sense 2015

Easily control your Oticon hearing aids with a remote control.