Oticon Xceed Play 2 BTE hearing aid (Child)
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Oticon Opn Play 1 rechargeable miniRITE hearing aid (Child)
Oticon Xceed Play Pink
Oticon Xceed Play 1 BTE hearing aid (Child)
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Oticon Xceed Play 2 BTE hearing aid (Child)


Oticon Xceed Play is the world’s most powerful hearing aids to cater the needs for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. Oticon Xceed Play comes with a LED inndicator to monitor hearing aid status and optional tamper resistant battery drawers.

BrainHearing technology – Oticon Xceed Play is built on the philosophy that better hearing starts with the brain, which is called BrainHearing.

Enjoy 360° access to speech – It provides access to a 360° balanced soundscape, which is especially important for children who need to develop language skills and learn new things.

Reduce feedback/whistling sound – Providing large amplification to cater your child’s hearing can cause annoying whistling sounds when something comes too close to the hearing aid. Oticon Xceed Play allows your child to enjoy a clear, stable speech signal with significantly reduced feedback sound.

Easily monitor your child’s hearing aids – With Oticon ON App, it makes it easier for older children and parents to monitor and control the hearing aids from a smartphone. It can also check the battery status and adjust program and volume. It also includes a convenient ”find my hearing aid“ feature if your child misplaces one or both of their devices.

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Hearing Aid Xceed
Play 1 SP/UP
Play 2 SP/UP (Child)
Technology Level Premium Standard
Channels 48 48
Fitting bands 14 12
Speech clarity/understanding 8.5/10 5.5/10
Transient noise reduction 4 levels 3 levels
Max noise removal High




Listening comfort 8.5/10 5.5/10
Localisation of sounds 8.5/10 5.5/10
Frequency lowering Yes Yes
Listening Programs 4 4
Battery lifespan Battery (up to 105 hours) Battery (up to 105 hours)
Tinnitus Sound Support None None
Water-Resistant Yes
(IP 68)
(IP 68)
Hearing loss level Severe-to-profound hearing loss Severe-to-profound hearing loss
Phone streaming Iphone only Iphone only
Phone Remote App iOS & Android
(OticonOn App)
iOS & Android
(OticonOn App)
Warranty (Years) 3 2
Platform/Launched Year Velox S


Velox S


Pair your Oticon hearing aids with your smartphone, ConnectClip, or another wireless accessory.



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