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Virto M 10 Nw O
Phonak Virto Marvel 70 (M70-10) Custom In the Ear Hearing Aids (Non Wireless)
Phonak Vito M312
Phonak Virto Marvel 50 (M50-312) Custom In the Ear Hearing Aids (BEIGE)
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Phonak Virto Marvel 90 (M90-10) Custom In the Ear Hearing Aids (Non Wireless)


Clear, rich sound: Enjoy better speech understanding and less listening effort in noise. Be amazed at how well your hearing aids perform from the first fit and every time you wear them.

Customized: With over 1600 data points Biometric Calibration takes your individual ear anatomy into account. Each Virto hearing aid is then custom-made to provide a perfect and discreet fit and high wearing comfort.

  • Customized
  • Mild to severe hearing loss
  • Battery: 10 zinc-air
  • Truly invisible