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ReSound Multi Mic


The ReSound Multi Mic is a premium quality portable device that streams speech and audio directly to your client’s hearing instrument.

It offers:
• Exclusive and discrete design that is small and lightweight
• One-to-one speech streaming when worn by a single speaker
• Table microphone functionality, picking up speech from multiple speakers in its radius
• Connect to teleloop system via built-in telecoil
• Connect to FM systems (Europin FM receiver required)
• Plug-and-play line-in mini-jack connector (mixed mono)

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Easy to connect
• Just press the pairing button on the ReSound Multi Mic, and open and close the battery door of the hearing instruments within 20 seconds to pair with the hearing instruments
• Pairing can also be done through the ReSound Aventa fitting software
• One time pairing procedure – once paired, the ReSound Multi Mic stays paired with the hearing instruments

Easy to use
• Simply turn the ReSound Multi Mic ON and switch the hearing instruments into streaming mode
• Easy to recharge using the included charging cables
• When worn vertically (clipped on or worn on lanyard) it automatically switches into directional mode and minimizes background noise.
• When placed horizontally on e.g. a table it automatically switches into a mode optimized for picking up the voices of multiple speakers
• Plug-and-play line-in and FM functionality
• Volume control adjustment for personal preference (incl. volume control lock)
• Drop detector – mutes transmitted signal momentarily when dropped from heights above ~30 inches (75cm)
• Can be controlled via ReSound connected apps

2.4 GHz wireless Technology
• A smart, robust and reliable international standard that has a strong, clear and stable signal
• No synchronization issues between sound and image due to an unnoticeable 20ms delay
• A signal that is transmitted directly to the hearing aids without the need to wear an intermediary device

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