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ReSound Phone Clip+


The Phone Clip+ is a small, lightweight, wireless clip-on device that sends sound from a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone directly to your clients´ hearing instruments, and the microphone on the Phone Clip+ sends sound back to the mobile phone. A robust swivel clip makes it possible to always securely attach the Phone Clip+ to clothes with optimal speech pickup.
It’s extremely easy to use.

The client can perform basic phone operation like answering and ending calls or adjusting volume with a click of a button. It also offers easy-to-use, state-of-the-art headset functionality, like last number redial and voice dialing.

When not on the phone, the Phone Clip+ doubles as a basic remote control by controlling volume and program change on the hearing instruments. It also features a mute button if the client wants to block out unwanted environmental background noise while on the phone.

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Easy to connect
• To pair the Phone Clip+ with the hearing instruments simply press the hearing instrument pairing button on the Phone Clip+, open and close the battery door of the hearing instruments within 20 seconds
• Pairing can also be done through the ReSound Aventa® 3 fitting software
• Once installed, the phone clip will stay paired to the hearing instrument – one time operation
• Simply press the Bluetooth® pairing button on the Phone Clip+ to put it into Bluetooth® pairing mode when pairing to a mobile phone

Easy to use
• Answer and end calls with a click of a button
• Double click to make a last number redial or hold to engage voice dialing
• Easy-to-use volume control for personal preference
• Block out environmental sound with a click of the Mute button*
• Swivel clip or lanyard attachment for secure and optimal placement of the Phone Clip+
• Use the Phone Clip+ as a basic hearing instrument remote control when not on the phone (adjust volume, change program or mute* hearing instrument microphones)
• Easily recharge the Phone Clip+ from the computer USB or wall outlet using the included cable
• 6 hours of talk time, 80 hours of standby time

Combination of 2.4 GHz wireless technology and Bluetooth® technology
• Communication between the Phone Clip+ and the hearing instruments uses 2.4 GHz wireless technology: a smart, robust and reliable standard that provides a strong, clear and stable signal
• Communication between the Phone Clip+ and the mobile phone uses Bluetooth® technology; the Phone Clip+ connects with most Bluetooth® enabled phones

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