Rexton Stellar 60 8C rechargeable & bluetooth direct hearing aid
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Rexton Stellar Li (Rechargeable) 40 8C Hearing Aid
Rexton Stellar Li 30 E1 01
Rexton Stellar Li (Rechargeable) 80 8C Hearing Aid
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Rexton Stellar Li (Rechargeable) 60 8C Hearing Aid


Rexton Stellar Li rechargeable hearing aid is inductive, wireless, and contact-free rechargeable hearing aid in the world.The lithium-ion power cell is completely integrated. No battery door. No hassle with battery exchange.Powered by new platform MyCore with amazing new features,My Voice,direct audio streaming from iPhone and advance binaural signal processing that allow wearers to hear more comfortably and naturally.

Note: This hearing aids require the easy-to-use inductive Smart Power Charger to recharge the lithium-ion batteries.

– 24 hours operating time, even when streaming
– Quick charging time & easy-to-handle ( 30-minute “fast charge” immediately provides Stellar more than seven hours of run-time)
– Integrated lithium-ion power cell, No more hassle of changing batteries.

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Rexton Stellar Li (Rechargeable) 60 8C Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Details
Style: Receiver-in-Canal (RIC)
Bluetooth: Yes (via Smart Connect)
Remote Control: Optional
Rechargeable Battery: Yes
Warranty: 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
Smartphone App: iPhone, Android

Technology Class: Premium / 60 8C MyCore
Frequency Channels: 32
Hearing Programs: 6
Voice Ranger: yes
Reverb Reducer: No
Music Enhancer: High Functionality
X phone (Cross phone): yes
Wind Noise Cancellation: High functionality
Automatic Classifier: 4 star
Bluetooth / Wireless: yes
Remote (optional): yes
Dust and water protection: yes

New Features

My Voice: yes
Stereo iLock: No
Intelligent Feedback Preventer: yes
Tinnitus Notch Function:yes
Dynamic Extender: yes
Smart Direct App: yes
Motion Sensor: yes
Intelligent Wind Noise Cancellation: High functionality
iOmni: yes
Direct Audio Streaming to iphone: yes
Smart Mic & Smart Transmitter: yes