Signia Pure Charge&Go 3X RIC hearing aid
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Signia Pure Charge&Go 3X RIC hearing aid


World’s First Hearing Aid with Motion Sensor
The Signia Xperience platform has came out with the world’s first integrated motion sensor that detects the wearer’s motion for sound processing. Besides a significantly improved ratings for speech understanding and listening effort, more than 90% of Xperience users experienced natural sound while in motion!

Pure Charge&Go X combines all the advantages of Signia Xperience with Li-ion rechargeability and fully-featured Bluetooth connectivity. Its 20% extra battery capacity provides full flexibility and convenience for higher wearer satisfaction, with streaming of music, calls, and TV in high-quality sound.

Key Features:
1. Xperience most natural own voice and best speech understanding in noise
2. World’s first hearing aid integrated with acoustic-motion sensors
3. Signia Assistant – the smart artificial intelligence that helps you hear better
4. Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity

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Hearing Aid Pure Charge&Go 7X Pure Charge&Go 5X Pure Charge&Go 3X
Technology Level Premium Advanced Standard
Channels 48 32 24
Gain Handles 20 16 12
Hearing Programs 6 6 6
Speech Clarity 10/10 8/10 6/10
Listening Comfort 10/10 8/10 6/10
Direct Audio Streaming to iPhone Yes Yes Yes
Own Voice Processing Yes Yes Yes
Feedback Cancellation Yes Yes Yes
Frequency Lowering Yes Yes Yes
Microphone-pattern Adjustment Yes Yes
Transient Noise Reduction Yes Yes Yes
Noise Management Yes Yes Yes
Wind Noise Cancellation Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 4 3 2
Launched Year (Platform) 2019 (Xperience) 2019 (Xperience) 2019 (Xperience)