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Hearing Health – Prevent Hearing Loss

We have to admit, there is way lesser information out there to protect your hearing health. We were told to not read or watch TV in the dark, do not touch the boiling kettle, stay away from the sun and others related advise on how to protect our senses. However, we rarely heard about the prevention from hearing loss.

It’s important for everyone to take care of their ears and hearing. This is because the damage in the auditory system can be permanent. Nonetheless, if you do have hearing loss issue, it is your utmost priority to preserve the remaining hearing ability.

Although hearing loss will happen gradually to most of us as we getting older but it can be completely avoidable if we take good care of it! That’s why SoundLife Hearing raise awareness about the prevalence of hearing loss, the importance of early diagnosis and the options of hearing aids for your needs. Do not prolong or wait anymore, there a ways for you to protect our precious hearing ability.


5 Ways To Protect Your Hearing Health

  1. Turn The Volume Down – Simply turn the volume down especially when you are wearing headphones or earphones. Listening to music at high volume can damage your hearing. WHO is warning that 1 billion people ages 12-35 are putting their hearing at risk with unsafe use of personal audio devices.
  2. Earplugs In Loud Environment – Avoid loud noises at work or leisure environments. If you have to shout to your coworkers at workplace, then you’re exposed in a loud environment. Consider using earplugs to ensure you’re not exposed to loud noise for long periods.
  3. Stop Using Cotton Swaps – Our ears are self cleaning organs. Earwax stops dusts and other harmful particles from entering the ear canals. Gently clean around the ear canal if you have excess earwax.
  4. Rest Time For Ears –  Do not get ‘busy’ with your ears all the time. After work and spending time with friends and family, get yourself some quite times and we are not talking nap or sleep. Your sense of hearing deserves as much rest as you do!
  5. Have A Hearing Test – Come to SoundLife Hearing and our experienced audiologists can give you consultation and hearing checkups on regular basis. In this way, you’ll be more likely to recognize signs of hearing loss and take action as soon as you do.

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