Best Personalized Hearing Healthcare Services

Soundlife Hearing is an audiologist-owned hearing aid center. We’re committed to provide the best personalized audiological/ hearing healthcare services to our customers. Our services include comprehensive hearing tests, hearing loss and tinnitus rehabilitation and hearing aid related services such as prescription, fitting, tuning, servicing, verification and validation test. With our state-of-the-art technology, we can accurately verify and make your fitting RIGHT. We are authorized hearing aid dealer for Oticon, Phonak and Rexton brand.

Our Services

Hearing Test

Hearing Test for Adult

MYR 100.00

Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) is the diagnostic behavioural hearing test for adults with case-history taking and hearing-health counselling by an audiologist.

Hearing Test for Children - Play Audiometry

MYR 120.00

Conditioned Play Audiometry (CPA) allows an audiologist to test the hearing of very young toddlers and preschoolers. It is a diagnostic behavioural hearing test for children aged 3 to 5.

Industrial hearing screening

MYR 70.00

Ear check and Screening PTA is done by an Audiologist with free explanation of the audiogram results.

Hearing Consultation by Audiologist

MYR 50.00 - 100.00

Hearing loss problem can't be solved by hearing aids alone without proper counselling. Our prescription evaluates your hearing needs, lifestyle, budget and hearing aid trial.

Hearing Test for Children - ABR / ASSR

MYR 250.00 - 350.00

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) or Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR) are objective hearing assessments for children who are unable to perform a behavioural hearing test. The test is often done while the baby is sleeping.

Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) - Screening/Diagnostic

MYR 50.00 - 80.00

Otoacoustic emissions (OAE) is a test that determines the status of inner ear/ cochlea (specifically hair cell function). It measures otoacoustic emissions, or OAEs. These are sounds given off by the inner ear when responding to a sound. The OAE test is often part of a newborn hearing screening program and pediatric hearing assessments.

Middle ear test - Tympanometry

MYR 50.00 - 80.00

Tympanometry is a test that measures the function and movement of the eardrum and middle ear which consists of
1. Tympanometry
2.Acoustic Reflex Test
3. Eustachian Tube Test

Looking for Audiologist Consultation

Tinnitus Service

Tinnitus Assessment

MYR 150.00 - 300.00

Including tinnitus loudness and pitch matching, tinnitus questionnaire & tinnitus masker trial.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)

MYR 150.00

Tinnitus treatment involves adopting effective IOWA tinnitus protocol with the combined use of sound therapy, TAT counseling and hearing aid. (Tyler, R.S. and The University of Iowa, Copyright 2006.)

Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aid Verification (REM / VSM)

MYR 160.00

Are you using a hearing aid but always struggling to hear? Your hearing aid could be under-amplified despite many fine tuning done. Our objective test can accurately verify and make your fitting RIGHT.

Hearing aid troubleshooting / fine-tuning

MYR 80.00

Individualized hearing aid troubleshooting/ fine-tuning is done by our skilled and experienced senior audiologist. Limited to Oticon, Rexton, Phonak, Resound and Siemens/Signia brand hearing aids.

Hearing Aids Validation - Aided Audiometry & Questionnaires

1HR MYR 100.00

Validation Questionnaire is a subjective measure that captures the hearing aid user's perceived benefit, satisfaction, and handicap reduction by the use of hearing aids. An actual aided hearing test can be performed with the patient wearing the hearing aids to compare to pre-hearing aid test results.

Hearing Aid Trial Consultation

1HR MYR 80.00

Hearing loss problems can't be solved by hearing aid alone without proper counselling. Our prescription evaluates your hearing needs, hearing loss levels, lifestyle, budget, hearing aid preferred styles / technologies etc. Individualized hearing aids fine-tuning is done by our skilled and experienced audiologists with our unique in-clinic sound demonstration of various real-life situations and we also offer a 7 days Home Trial option for better selection of hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Annual Review

1HR 30MIN MYR 130.00

Including Diagnostic hearing test annual review, Hearing aids service / fine-tuning / troubleshooting. We encourage every hearing aid to be sent for service yearly.

Online Audiologist Consultation (Remote Consultation)

15MIN FOC | 30MIN MYR50.00

As a part of this pandemic, some clients are not convenient to pay a visit to us. Soundlife Hearing offers remote consultation, Online Hearing Consultation on any hearing loss/ tinnitus or hearing aids queries.

Hearing Aids Fitting & Orientation

1HR MYR100.00

At the hearing aid fitting appointment, your audiologist will fit the new hearing aids providing the correct amount of amplification for a beginner. Then proceed with the orientation on how to wear, handle and maintain the device in a proper way.

Cochlear Implant Consultation

1HR MYR100.00

Hearing aids help a lot of people with hearing loss, but unfortunately, they can’t help everyone. When people with moderately severe to profound hearing loss don’t benefit from hearing aids, medical experts consider a Cochlear Implant to be a more effective long-term solution. So that's when the Audiologist will proceed with their consultation for Implants and guide you through this journey with proper Dr Referrals.

Ear Check - Otoscopic Examination

10 mins FREE

During the ear examination, a tool called an otoscope is used to look at the outer ear canal and eardrum - to check on the ear wax and eardrum condition.