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Stay Connected With Bluetooth Hearing Aid 

While we are adapting to new norms such as social distancing, we discovered that living in an isolation is not an easy task and it can be depressing for many people. Little that we know, we may have a few individuals who are isolating themselves. Prolonged social isolation can have risks too. It is associated with depression, cognitive decline and poor sleep quality. 

A recent study showed that people with hearing loss are particularly having an increased risk of social isolation even before this COVID-19 outbreak. Untreated hearing loss, meanwhile, increases the risk of dementia by 50%, depression by 40% and falls by 30% over a 10-year period, a study published last year in JAMA Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery reported.

SoundLife Hearing are always excited to help people to lift off their limitations in hearing. We have heard so many stories on how hearing aid restored their connection with their family and loved ones. Hearing aids of the past often limited the wearer’s access to various personal audio devices such as mobile phones and music players. For example, the hearing aid wearers need to take out hearing aids to accommodate a pair of earbuds in order to use a music player. Bluetooth technology makes it possible to connect with personal electronic devices and stream signals directly to hearing.

What Are The Benefits Of Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

Bluetooth technology in hearing aids has greatly elevated the hearing aid wearing experience and enables hearing aids to double as highly-personalized, custom audio devices. Whether you direct stream to your iPhone or you use an additional device to access your mobile phone or music player, a streamer provides many opportunities that were previously unavailable with conventional hearing aids.

  1. Personalized Listening Experience
    The streamed Bluetooth hearing aid signal can be amplified and shaped to match the hearing aid’s personalized settings. For music, your hearing aids can become a set of wireless earbuds. For an iOS or Android phone, hearing aids can allow the user to stream sound from the device to its both hearing aids while maintaining the sound awareness of the surrounding.
  2. Multiple Connections
    Bluetooth enables multiple devices pairing and can be easily switched between the devices. You can be connected to your smartphone while streaming a movie from your tablet. The streamer is able to interrupt the audio from your tablet in order to bring you the audio signal from an incoming phone call. 
  3. Remote Control Hearing Aid
    This is useful if your hearing aids are very small to accommodate external controls. Bluetooth hearing aids have the capabilities to remotely change the volume or program from the streamer.

SoundLife Hearing’s Standard of Procedure

SoundLife Hearing brings you 3 hearing aid brands with Bluetooth features which are Oticon, Phonak and Rexton. These brands provide secure Bluetooth connection without interference. Stay connected with your network of friends and family and all of your latest audio devices.

We are not letting the MCO to limit our consultation! We are providing online consultation to those who need hearing aids without having you stepping out of the house. We can test your new hearing aid settings in real-time on the spot. Once you purchase the hearing aid from SoundLife Hearing, we can remotely tune the hearing aid through the app without having you come to our premise.

Enjoy spending time with family and friends and look forward to social gatherings. Let our parents engage in conversation, hearing laughter from their loved ones, listening to the sounds of birds and nature again and always be confident. What’s the value of living life to its fullest? It starts today.

Check out the video to learn how Bluetooth hearing aids work.