Testimonial - SoundLife - Your Hearing Expert


Annie Teh

Life was never the same. I could communicate well with my husband family members and friends. It become a joy to talk to share and to listen...thanks to my hearing aids and to the excellent teaching and services provided by Alleya Cheng.

Seckfeng Law

Profesional and good service =)

Mardiah Dini

Tq bnyak2 soundlife solution kerana atasi masalah sy. perkhidmatan yang terbaik membuatkan saya lebih selesa berurusan dgn soundlife solution. Tqvm

Edgar Richard Malanjum

Thank you for the great consultation. It strengthened my confidence on hearing aids.

Lucas Wong

Excellent service n advice given by Alleya

Amber Tan

Brought my boy for the hearing test at Soundlife Hearing. Thank you for the excellent service by the young audiologist Alleya. She is very patient and I strongly recommend her!

Thambiraja Krishnan

I had been there 2 times, each time received excellent professional care. She took time to explain every procedure even advice later on the phone when I encountered some problems.

See Mei

Alleya is a very patient audiologist, who can assists you to do the hearing test and provide you with valuable advice regarding your hearing issues. There are so hearing aids available for selling as well. Strongly recommended to those who might face the hearing difficulties!

Alfred Kuan

I regain my full hearing today. I can feel the different in work and family with active hearing and no longer need others to repeat or to guess what others saying, no more embarrassing moment to answer to the wrong question!

Chris Loh

Audiologist Ms Alleya Cheng is very good and professional. She treated my father over his hearing difficulty. Alleya was patience and informative when addressing my dad hearing loss consultation... She recommended the most cost effective solution to my father based on our needs and budget. Furthermore she is sweet and beautiful... what a pleasant doctor/patient solution solving treatment experience... I strongly recommend Alleya Cheng if anybody need hearing aid from A-Z... SHE is the ONE.👍


Has a very experienced and qualified audiologist/owner running this establishment. I have personally consulted and was tested by her twice before and she has demonstrated a very high degree of professionalism and knowledge of hearing problems. The shop offers a good range of hearing aids and related products.

Tuck seng Tan

Excellent and professional hearing tests and advice, friends in need may wish to try!

Ng Yan Sia

The hearing aid is so small that is hardly noticeable. After wearing this aid, my left ear start to recover its hearing power, My left ear has hissing sound for years, but after wearing this hearing aid , the problem has reduced. My hearing aid adviser is very good patience and her expertize and experience has make to regain my confidence in using this hearing aid.