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The Best OFFER for Hearing Aid, up to ?25% OFF for All Oticon Bluetooth Hearing Aids?!

We may not be able to do much during this MCO period and some of our parents or family members that are suffering from hearing loss ??might not be having a good time either.

Why? Imagine going through everyday without being able to listen properly, they are having a hard time to not just engage in conversation with family members, they can’t even enjoy a TV show? too.

Do not worry hearing aids will solve your problem. Now Oticon is doing the ?best promotion up to 25%? for all the Oticon hearing aids. They come with all these features as well such as:
✔️Brain Hearing – Improve ability to hear and understand speeches with lesser efforts
✔️Pair with iPhone and Oticon ON app – Made for Apple products wireless connectivity for streaming audio and hands-free calls.
✔️Remote Care – SoundLife Hearing is not letting the MCO to limit our consultation! We are providing online consultation to those who need hearing aids without having you stepping out from the house. We can test your new hearing aid settings in real-time on the spot.

Once you purchase the hearing aid from SoundLife Hearing, we can remotely tune ⚙️the hearing aid through the app without having you come to our premise.

Enjoy spending time with family and friends and look forward to social gatherings, especially this coming Hari Raya ?! Let our parents engage in conversation, hearing laughters from their loved ones, feeling the sounds of birds and nature again and always be confident.

What’s the value of living life to its fullest? It starts today. Contact us at SoundLife Hearing and enjoy Oticon Hearing Aids at its finest and quality. All Oticon hearing aids are having ?promotion up to 25% OFF?!

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