Types Of Hearing Loss
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What Is Hearing Loss?

Do you know that hearing loss is more common than most people realize and it can affect anyone of us at any time in our lives. Hearing loss is often associated with age because it usually develops with aging. Another popular cause of hearing loss is the repeated exposure to loud noises. Our ear has 3 parts which are the outer, middle and inner ear. You may have trouble hearing if there is a problem with any of these parts.Average, people with hearing loss took at least 7 years to take action when they notice reduced hearing. In America, 1 in 5 people experienced hearing loss and half of them age below 65 years old. Most of hearing loss people did not consider hearing loss and failed to take action until it affected so much in their life.

Structure of the ear (Photo credit to Drake et al: Gray’s Anatomy for Students) 

Signs That You Are Losing Your Hearing Ability

If you think you or loved one is suffering from hearing loss, SoundLife Hearing can provide you a diagnosis, comprehensive hearing evaluation and information specific to your situation. Most hearing get deteriorated  over time. The earlier a problem is detected, the greater your chances of preventing further hearing loss. By gaining the best possible treatment or hearing aid, this issue can be overcome.

If you answer ‘Yes” to some of these questions below, it’s best for you to consult an audiologist:

  1. Do you always misunderstand what people say?
  2. Do you find it difficult to hear on a phone call?
  3. Do have difficulty hearing people in a conversation especially when there are background noises?
  4. Do you need higher volume when you watch TV or listening to music?
  5. Do you have to read lips in order to understand what people are saying
  6. Do you experience tinnitus (a buzzing, persistent ringing sound)?
  7. Are you having difficulty in hearing natural sound like raindrops, birds chirping etc?
  8. Do you always ask people to repeat what they just said?
  9. Is anyone complaining that you may have hearing loss?


3 Main Types Of Hearing Loss

People often generalized hearing loss as total deafness. Contrary to deafness, people with hearing loss can still hear but not as good as normal people. They heard sounds softer compared to other people; hence affecting their speech understanding and sound clarity.

Hearing loss happens when there is pathology in hearing system. There are three types of hearing loss and four levels which are; mild, moderate, severe and profound.

1. Conductive hearing loss, CHL

This type of hearing loss is caused by pathology that occurs in conductive element. Conductive element of the ear is made up of outer and middle ear.

Some of the causes are middle ear infection, eardrum perforation, otosclerosis, or ossicles discontinuity. Conductive hearing loss is temporary. With treatment from ENT, the pathology is curable and hearing can be recovered. However, if the problem persists for three months after ENT management, it’s advisable to use hearing aids to avoid any impact of hearing loss.

Causes of conductive hearing loss (Photo credit to Hearing Sol. )

2. Sensorineural hearing loss, SNHL
Sensorineural hearing loss is hearing loss that happened due to pathology occurs in neural element.  Neural element is made up of inner ear, auditory nerve and up to the brain.

It is a nerve related hearing loss that occurs mainly due to aging and it is not curable. Those with sensorineural hearing loss will not recover their hearing. With the help of hearing aid, people with SNHL can regain their hearing ability.


Causes of sensorineural hearing loss (Photo credit to Hearing Sol. )

3. Mixed hearing loss, MHL

Mixed hearing loss is a combination of both hearing loss. People with this type of hearing loss happen to have pathology in both neural and conductive element.

With proper management from ENT, the conductive pathology can be cure and patient will improve hearing after treatment. If people with MHL decided not to take any medical treatment, wearing hearing aid can help to improve their hearing.