Year end Hearing Aid sales
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SoundLife Hearing Celebrating Balance Awareness Week
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✨Discount up to 60% | Save Up to to RM9000 | Brands on PROMO –  Oticon, Rexton, Resound & Phonak✨ 

When it comes to hearing loss, be it mild or profound, can affect an individual’s self-esteem😔. Let those years where you had hearing problems be gone. Let’s welcome the new year with SoundLife Hearing YEAR END SALES! 👍

Good hearing ability should not be taken for granted. It is an ability to communicate. If untreated, hearing loss can leave negative impacts on a person’s emotional well-being. At SoundLife Hearing, we do not want our patients to miss out on the best things in life. ❤️We make this possible by providing our clients with the latest in hearing aid technology and design, at a cost that everyone can afford✌️.

Check out our Year End PROMO: 

🦻Oticon Promo for Rechargeable series 

  • 30% for Opn S 1, save up to RM10800
  • 25% for Opn S 3, Opn S 2 and Opn Play 1 miniRITE R, save up to RM6250
  • 15% for Ruby 1, Ruby 2 & Opn Play 2 miniRITE R, save up to RM1500

🦻Resound Promo – Discount up to 50% for 2nd unit

  • ONE/ ENZO/ Quattro 9 , save RM8500 per pair
  • ONE/ ENZO/ Quattro 7, save RM6500 per pair
  • ONE/ ENZO/ Quattro 5 & Key 4, save RM4500 per pair

🦻Rexton Promo – Discount up to 25%

  • M-Core R-Li 80, save RM7750 per pair
  • M-Core R-Li 60, save RM5500 per pair
  • M-Core R-Li 40, save RM RM2010 per pair

🦻Phonak Promo Discount up to 60% for 2nd unit

  • Phonak Audeo P90 R, save RM10500 per pair
  • Phonak Audeo P70 R, save RM6250 per pair

The above promotion cannot be used with any other on-going promotion, only applicable to binaural order only. Get a premium hearing aid brand with affordable prices now or even the essential hearing aid at super saver values!✔️ From a top quality hearing assessment📊 to affordable hearing aids🦻, we offer what’s necessary and best for your hearing, only at SoundLife Hearing.

Limited stock only! Hurry up. 


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