What is Audiology and Who is Audiologist?
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Identify Children Hearing Loss
Identify Children Hearing Loss
What is Audiology and Who is Audiologist?

What is Audiology and Who is Audiologist?

Audiology is a branch of science that studies hearing, balance, and related disorders. Audiologist is a licensed hearing health professional. An audiologist diagnoses, manages and treats individuals with hearing problems.

At SoundLife Hearing, we constantly strive to go above and beyond in providing you with hearing aids and solution that ensure you to never miss a sound.

SoundLife Hearing Is Your Trusted Audiologist

We are a team of committed audiologists. We provide provide professional and personalized services to improve your involvement in important routines in your daily life. We can help you to manage issues effecting hearing.

We will conduct hearing test and screening for hearing loss. With thorough screening, we can identify possible hearing disorders. Testing will confirm if a hearing loss is present and determine the kind and degree of loss.

Tailored Audiology Solution For Your Hearing Ability

Everybody solution is special. Our work involve patients of all ages, from newborn babies and children to working adults and elderly people. We have a great range of hearing aids to for every patient problem. Our highly experienced team will listen to your needs, help you to select the right product and have it properly fitted and serviced.

Affordable Hearing Aids and Hearing Test

If you’re concerned you or a loved one may be experiencing hearing loss, you are not alone. Because hearing loss can come on gradually, it’s often the people around you who notice your hearing problems before you do. Our hearing test can tell what is that you really need the most. Hearing aids are affordable.

With the uprising people suffering with hearing loss in Malaysia, maybe it’s time to invest in your hearing health. With new technologies, hearing aids are now cheaper, lighter and easy to use. We ensure you that wearing the hearing aids is not a burden at all!

Hearing Loss Prevention

Hearing loss can be experienced differently and now there are more options for treatment than there have ever been before. just because there will be help and aids, it does not mean that we take our hearing ability for granted. Your hearing ability is important to us, and our audiologist are more than happy in helping as many people as possible to restore clarity to their sound experience, including you.

Have a hearing test with us. The sooner you start, the sooner you can enjoy the sounds of the world around you with improved clarity and understanding.