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What Is Unilateral Hearing Loss aka Single Sided Deafness (SSD)
Hearing Test by Qualified Audiologist

Let’s give the gift of hearing back to our loved ones. If you or your beloved family member is suffering from hearing loss, do apply your participant in Hope For Hearing Project. SoundLife Hearing is in collaboration with Phonak Malaysia and we would like to give equal opportunities for people with hearing loss by donating FREE hearing aids.


A Penny for Thought:

It could be you or someone that is suffering from hearing loss. Do not take this issue lightly. You may be thinking how serious does a condition needs to be before it goes from being an annoyance to something that requires medical attention?

Prevention is better than cure. Get your hearing tested. Hearing loss can lead to psychological issues too such as low self esteem. We have seen or heard stories of some senior citizens isolating themselves from family and friends. They could be having a hard time communicating with others but too embarrassed of it.

No two hearing losses are alike, even when they appear identical on paper, only you know how yours is affecting you. Be honest with yourself and, chances are, your mild hearing loss is probably affecting you more than you care to admit. Don’t let it affects the quality of life you experience. It’s hard to truly enjoy art, or feel social and emotionally engaged with friends, family and current events, or even contribute to your own life in a meaningful manner without this essential sensory faculty.


For those in need

You or someone you know are eligible to apply if:

  1. Experience symptoms of hearing loss or diagnosed of hearing loss by Audiologist
  2. Can exhibit hearing impairment has a direct or indirect effect on all stated areas:
  • Speech and language, cognitive and/or emotional development
  • Education
  • Quality of life
  1. Shows commitment towards hearing aid usage
  2. Has a household monthly income of RM2,500 and below

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Words From The Founder of SoundLife Hearing

Donating hearing aids to others helps them far more than just hearing.

For a child with hearing loss, a hearing aid givens them a fair and equal chance at school and also in life. Childhood memories are in full definition. A child’s joy is priceless.

For a working professional with hearing loss, a hearing aid boosts their confidence in dealing with others. They can pick up exactly what the other party is saying without asking them to repeat and ruining the momentum of the conversation.

For an elderly with hearing loss, a hearing aid helps them prevent loneliness. They can still connect and socialize with others without being out of place. Besides, it also keeps their brain active, prevents cognitive decline, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and others.

A hearing aid can hold a family together. A family with hearing loss that fights or quarrels because of poor communication can be assisted with a hearing aid.

Couples with hearing loss benefit from them too. Too many times, a single misunderstanding in conversation can destroy the harmony in a relationship. And a hearing aid solves that.

Hearing is part of the human experience. So let’s give the gift of hearing.” – Alleya Cheng.

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